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Dansk Tanzaniansk Venskabsforening – the Danish Tanzanian Friendship Association – was established on 21 May 1980:

  • to promote contact, understanding and cooperation between the peoples of the two countries, e.g. through the provision and dissemination of information on Tanzania in Denmark.
  • to assist in establishing personal contacts between citizens of Tanzania and Denmark, e.g. by visits and exchanges.
  • to support proposals and actions, the purpose of which is to establish practical, financial and cultural cooperation between the two countries.


DANTAN is a membership organization with mostly Danes,- who have lived and worked in Tanzania as advisers, volunteers and so on,- and Tanzanians living in Denmark.

 At the annual general meeting the members elect an executive board with a chairman, vice chairman, treasurer/membership secretary and ordinary board members, together with a number of deputy board members.

The present chairman is Mr. Jesper Kirknæs.
The vice chairman is Mr. Bo Bramming.

The DANTAN Solidarity Project Office was initiated in 1987 to support The Tanzanian people’s own endeavours to improve life in Tanzania. DANTAN Solidarity is seen as a framework for the activities of members who wish to contribute to partnership activities in Tanzania. The work is executed on a voluntary basis. Members form a “project support group” and choose a project coordinator in connection with bigger projects.

DANTAN networks with UBU, Karatu Development Association, ZALWEDA in Zanzibar and other NGOs in Denmark and Tanzania.

Publication: KUMEKUCHA, a newsletter for members

Executive committee for Danish Tanzanian Friendship Association
Chairman  Jesper Kirknæs
Deputy chairman Bo Bramming
Cashier and
members consultant
Klavs Heebøll
Ord. members Jan Mallan, Ole Hertz, Steen Pedersen.
Deputy members Preben Bundgaard, Kim Jørgensen, Hassan Mbamba, Birthe Kirknæs, Monica Mahona, Erik Thorbjørn Nørremark, Lise Rievers, Ali Talib, Fadya Wathne, Sidsel Seleman Wolthers, Poul Wathne.



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